Men of Virtue Retreat Prayer and Pledge

Lord God of all creation, thank you for my life!

Make me a man of virtue in the image of Christ, Our Lord.

If I am married I pray and pledge to uphold the sanctity and dignity of the marriage vows I made to You, my wife and in front of others to remain faithful to You, my wife and my marriage by never cheating on You or my wife and never cheating myself.

If I am a father help me Lord by your grace to be there for my children and to become the best father you created me to be.

Lord, give me the desire and increase my desire to love You, my wife, my children and others. Make my only desire YOU! Make me desire to lead my wife and family and others to You!

Open my eyes to the realization that I am called by You to lead my wife, children and others to Christ and the sacramental life by my words and actions!

Come Holy Spirit! I invite you deep into my inner sanctum! I am weak so strengthen me! Possess me and use me as you desire to and make my desire and will perfectly conform to yours.

Give me the desire to strive for holiness and virtue, all the virtues! Increase my faith, hope and charity! Make me prudent, provide for me temperance, give me the fortitude I need to always seek justice!

Make me realize I can do nothing apart from You and I am useless apart from You!

Lord, I pledge to You today and every day to go to confession at least once a month, to attend mass and communion every Sunday and Holy Day and at least one other day during the week, to spend a holy hour a week in front of my Eucharistic Lord Jesus, to find and commit to meeting with a spiritual director who is a priest at least once a month, and to meeting with a band of brothers in my faith to read, study and share my faith on a weekly basis.

I pledge to never look at a sexually explicit image and I will never visit a place or person who will tempt me and lead me into sexual sin.

I will commit to chastity and purity in all of my thoughts and actions and if I fall to my own weakness, I will make an immediate act of contrition and go to confession as soon as I can possibly avail myself to and make a firm commitment by asking for God’s grace and help to remove lustful desires and sexual sin from my life forever.

Help me Lord and give me the fortitude to share and proclaim Jesus the Christ, The Catholic faith and the importance of remaining chaste and pure in every way on a daily basis.

In this belief and practice I intend to live and die and remain ever faithful to You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; my Lord, King and Everything!

May the patron saints of Men of Virtue retreat – St. Joseph, St. Paul, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, Saint John Paul II and Servants of God, Father Bill Atkinson, O.S.A. and Father Patrick Peyton and the entire heavenly host of saints and Angelic Warfare Confraternity, Pray for Us!


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